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Welcome to The House Of Records.

Here, you will find VulcanVerse Lore and recorded information about notable places, events, Vulcanites, guilds, factions, items and people.

Vulcan is currently forging VulcanVerse and has allowed a select few mortals into VulcanVerse Alpha to test out and play with the tools and land he has provided - check back for updates.

Adventurer! Be wary when browsing our chronicles – do not pick up a quill so readily.. The House of Records may be watched over by the Record Keeper, but all Gods and mortals have the ability to contribute to these tomes. This does not, however, mean that our libraries are free from rules. We invite all dwellers of VulcanVerse to contribute to our records, should they possess the digital skill and knowledge to do so. Want to leave your mark in the records? Write a new page? Update an existing record? Read the Rules first.

Reading material

These dusty bookshelves are a little imposing. Unsure where to start? Take a look at the below:

Berserk. A legend. A definition (HOR).jpg

The full list of records can be seen here.

Pick up a quill and make an entry. The Gods will thank you.

Your Personal History and Lore Scroll

Traveller, the Record Keeper is available to document your personal history and lore, on a scroll that will be yours to keep (with one copy remaining in the House of Records for posterity). Should you commission the Record Keeper to create your scroll, your history will also be deemed noteworthy enough to appear in the House of Records as a special record in Category:History Scrolls created by the Record Keeper.

Further information on this process is available from the Record Keeper in the House of Records.

Advice for working on the records

The Page section is for in world - everything that appears on a page should be from the perspective of an encyclopedia / book sitting on a shelf in the House of Records in VulcanVerse. References to real world events - computers, websites, stats, NFTs, blockchain, gaming and so on, should be avoided on a Page (except where it relates to Vulcan creating the world and inviting mortals in). These references can, however, go on the Discussion section, which, as well as for user discussion, can be used as a bit of a behind the curtain area for stats, websites, build into, NFTs, the Vulcan Forged team and so on.

Support and tips


Looking to support the House of Records? The House of Records, keepers of the VulcanVerse Lore, need your generous donations in the form of $PYR to maintain the house, repair the walls, keep the rain from our sacred chronicles and pay tribute to the digital overlords (that would be web hosting, domain and so forth..) so that we may continue to record the lore and events of VulcanVerse.

The Record Keeper maintains the records not for payment, but to please the Gods and to retain order and memory.

You can donate to us in $PYR (PYR | MATIC, on Polygon network) at 0xfC73c0Cb7b299946b6010eB75a230d1fa07A914D

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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