Underworld of Hades

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Underworld of Hades
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Etymology: Named by Vulcan after Hades
Underworld of Hades is located in VulcanVerse
Underworld of Hades
Underworld of Hades
Coordinates: 50°N 3°E / 50°N 3°E / 50; 3Coordinates: 50°N 3°E / 50°N 3°E / 50; 3

The Underworld of Hades is situated in the south west quadrant of VulcanVerse.

Place name

The Book of Vulcan tells us that the God, Vulcan, named the underworld 'Hades'. Hades is Vulcan's uncle - though he now sleeps in his immortal tomb.

and the underworld he named for the King of they that are dead, Hades

—Book of Vulcan, 4


The Underworld was, at one time, ruled over by Hades and his wife, Persephone. They, along with pet dog Cerberus oversaw trial and punishment of the souls of those who during life had been evil. As humans turned away from the Gods, Hades fell into a sleep. Weakened by many hundreds of years of human neglect, the Underworld is now in a poor state. It is now that Vulcan has turned to humanity itself, as he feels that only mankind can rebuild hell itself.

Geography and features

Hades is a land of fire, lava, stagnant swamps, ash and rivers. There are three prominent rivers in the underworld, the River Styx, the River Hades and the River Acheron. Both are long, and divide the land into three sections. Further to these, though smaller in scale is the River Phlegethon surrounding the judgement hall of Hades.

River Styx

River Hades

Also known as the Black Bayou from a time when the river had evaporated into swampland, the River Hades springs forth from north western highlands.

River Acheron

Further to the rivers, there are some prominent features in Hades. These include the Volcano of Thanatos, situated to the south east near the border with the Desert of Notus. It overshadows the Plains of Howling Darkness to the south. The greatest landmark of Hades is the Palace of the Dead, a huge imposing palace near the center of the underworld.

The Necropolis