House Of Records

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House Of Records
Name House of Records
Building type
Architectural style
Location Gardens of Arcadia
Owner Record Keeper
Floor count
Function To record VulcanVerse lore, history and events.
Date of construction

The House of Records is both home to the Record Keeper and the repository of VulcanVerse lore, history and events. It can be found in the Gardens of Arcadia, between the Deep Forest and the sea, in the shadow of Boreas's north eastern mountains.


House of Records banner.png

The Record Keeper was quick to secure land when the God, Vulcan, announced that mankind was invited to buy plots in his New Olympus. Knowing that it would be of utmost importance to document the God forged world and all of its events for posterity, he set about creating, in the form of books and scrolls, a written record. After quickly realising that the task would be near impossible to complete alone, the Record Keeper opened the House of Records to other landholders, allowing them, if they have the scribes knowledge, to document events by writing new pages in the records and, in some cases, creating new books and scrolls.


The House of Records is located away from Vulcan City and VulcanVerse's large landmarks, though it is close to the main northern trade route that runs between Arcadia and Boreas.

House of Records satellites

The House of Records has two satellite houses. One, like the House of Records is in Arcadia, in a prominent position close to the Summer Palace and the lake source of the River of Arcadia. The other is close to the north road in the Mountains of Boreas. A courier, an apprentice scribe tasked with smaller jobs, transports transcribed documents between the House of Records and the satellite houses.

Function of the House of Records

To keep and maintain record of events in VulcanVerse. The Record Keeper maintains the records, keeping everything in order and current. He will cast an eye over the work of amateur scribes, ensuring new work meets the standards of the House of Records and updates it to keep it relevant and readable.

Personal histories

Another function of the House of Records is to draw up personal history scrolls - handwritten by the Record Keeper. A limited amount of copies of these can be produced for a fee, with one copy retained by the House of Records. Information from (and about) the scroll will also be entered into the records for posterity, preserving the VulcanVerse history of the customer and is available with the other records for public viewing.