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VulcanVerse is a new Olympus, forged by the God Vulcan – using human science to create ‘a world beyond the fickle, ephemeral dreams of mankind.’

You stand in the House of Records. Here, you will find chronicles and VulcanVerse Lore. From landmarks, places of interest, flora, fauna and Vulcanites, to the recent, human made history of this God-forged digital island.

Adventurer! Be wary when browsing our chronicles – do not pick up a quill so readily.. The House of Records may be watched over by the Record Keeper, but all Gods and mortals have the ability to contribute to these tomes. This does not, however, mean that our libraries are free from rules. We invite all dwellers of VulcanVerse to contribute to our records, should they possess the digital skill and knowledge to do so.

In VulcanVerse, the House of Records can be found in the Gardens of Arcadia, between the Great Forest and the sea, in the shadow of Ourea’s eastern mountains.