Wryon the Wanderer

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Wryon the Wanderer
Wryon HR.jpg
A rare sighting of Wryon
Vulcan's forge
Other names'The wandering one', 'he who wanders'

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Wryon the Wanderer is a troll that inhabits VulcanVerse.


Wryon is a troll that can be seen wandering the quadrants and city of VulcanVerse. He wears no clothes and can often be described as looking lost or confused.


Wryon's origins are shrouded in mystery. There is talk amongst VulcanVerse residents that Vulcan minions have been heard to mention aspects of Wryon's early history and how he came to be in VulcanVerse. Trolls are rare in VulcanVerse, making Wryon's appearance all the more strange. It is believed that Wryon was created in Vulcan's forge with the purpose of being the first creature to enter the early, barren world. Vulcan ordered Wryon to undertake several tasks; these tasks gave Vulcan a way to measure the progress of the fledgling world he was creating. Once Wryon's work was done, he was left in world, the first creature but now with no purpose, wandering aimlessly throughout the quadrants and Vulcan City.

Similarities with Ryan the Wanderer

Some Acolytes of Wryon point to an earlier origin for the troll, that of Ryan the Wanderer. The stories of Ryan predate even Vulcan's creation of the early alpha version of his world. Others claim that Wryon has been seen and is known to exist, whereas Ryan has not been seen and therefore cannot exist. Scholars have pointed out that the similarities in name and behaviour - described in stories in the case of Ryan and seen and documented in the case of Wryon, prove that they are one and the same.

Demi-god status

Wryon is known throughout VulcanVerse, particularly by the first mortals that purchased land and those that were selected for the early, VulcanVerse Alpha test of Vulcan's world. He has gained a cult following, with some declaring themselves adherents to the ways of the wandering one. These people have been called various names, with 'Acolytes of Wryon' being the generally recognised name for them.


Devotees or Acolytes of Wryon worship at shrines - constructed for the purpose of veneration of Wryon. Though Vulcan provided empty land to mortals, there is a theory that either the shrines were already in existence in some form, or that the first builders were able to channel energy emanating from the ground and constructed the shrines in areas of high energy. These Shrines devoted to Wryon can be found throughout VulcanVerse.