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Vulcan is the God of fire and creator of the VulcanVerse, his new Olympus.


Vulcan is the God of fire - which includes volcanos, the forge, metalworking and deserts. He was worshipped in ancient Rome; the oldest shrine to Vulcan was called the Vulcanal. This was situated at the foot of the Capitoline (one of the seven hills of Rome) in the Roman Forum. It was believed to date to the archaic period of the kings of Rome. Vulcan was associated by the ancient Romans with the Greek smith-god Hephaestus. To the Romans, Vulcan seems to have been associated with both the fertilizing and destructive powers of fire.


In olden times, a festival was held for Vulcan, the Vulcanalia. It was celebrated annually on August 23, the time when concern grew as to the safety of crops and granaries due to the intense summer heat and fire risk. Bonfires were created in honour of Vulcan, which included sacrifices of live small animals and fish, thrown into the fire. In addition to Vulcanalia, May 23 was also held sacred to Vulcan. On this day, a ceremony was held for the purification of sacred trumpets called 'tubae'. This was part of the preparation to make an army fit for war.

A flamen, a Roman priest, was in charge of the Cult of Vulcan in ancient Rome.

Recent times

Worship of the old Gods began to fade with the introduction of new religions - at times, people were persecuted for continuing to follow the old ways. In recent years, technology and science have enabled the creation of new worlds, as people engage in man-made lore and virtual worlds. Vulcan, alone, has spoken to the humans and vowed not to be forgotten or to fall silently into a dream filled slumber. His words can be found in the Book of Vulcan


Vulcan has vowed to embrace technology and the new myths of the humans, to forge a virtual world born of a God.

1 In that day will I raise up the Gods of the ages that are fallen, and open up the tombs that sleep thereof;

and I will raise up the ruins, and I will build Olympus as in the days of old:

2 That they may possess the remnants of Hyperion, and of all the mortals, which are called by my name,

saith it be Vulcan that doeth this.

— Book of Vulcan

Called VulcanVerse, Vulcan has allowed humans to purchase unique plots of land to develop. At present, Vulcan is readying the land for human habitation.