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In the time between Vulcan opening up his new Olympus, VulcanVerse, for mortal humans to buy land and the coming of mankind, people busily prepared for their arrival in the God forged land. As is the way and in the traditions of humanity, Guilds were planned, the first of which by two enterprising travellers by the names of Night Angel and Day Devil.

Guild types

Guilds have many functions, the most common of these are for mutual aid, protection and the furtherance of the professional interests of merchants or craftsmen who have membership of a particular guild. The first guilds planned by humans for VulcanVerse are area guilds, to represent the inhabitants of each of the quadrants.

Boreas Guild

The Mountains of Boreas Guild is situated just to the west of the granite pillar that supports the Fortress of the Wind.

The Boreas Guild is guarded by Aelio, Asterion, Kopis, Thunder and Tomyios.


Arcadia Guild

Standing next to the Druid's Shrine is the Gardens of Arcadia Guildhouse. The Arcadia Guild is guarded by Alpha, Phearei, Soter and Velosina


Notus Guild

The Desert of Notus Guild can be found just beyond the northern outskirts of the once beautiful city of Iskandria. The Notus Guild is guarded by Chthonius, Nemean, Numatox and Syna.


Hades Guild

Near the Delta of Darkness on the shore of the River Hades is the Underworld of Hades Guildhouse. The Hades Guild is guarded by Blubberjaw, Charon, Medusa, Trapjaw and Wolfshadow.


SHAmanVillage Guild

The SHAman Village Guild is scattered amongst all four quadrants: Mountains of Boreas, Gardens of Arcadia, Desert of Notus, and the Underworld of Hades.

SHAmanVillage 661 Plots 12-24-2020.png

Benefits of Guild Membership

VVGuild has several useful tools available for its members - these can be found by visiting a local guild - though registration is required first through a Guild representative. An overview of the tools is mentioned below:

Guild Member Map

The guild holds a map of VulcanVerse. Here, people are able to mark their plots on the map and find out where other Guild Members are located.

General information about members' land can also be added and shared between Guild Members.

Sharing Information

Between its members the Guild facilitates the notice of ones plans with his of her land. So members can notify each other what land will be available for sale or mark interest into buying. Should some members prefer to work together they can also make a call for help.


On the Quest board members can add bounties,shores ans quests for the visitors to help them out, off course glory and bounties can be earned.

VV Usernames

Before we embark to our journey into Vulcan's world be need a proper name when we arrive. To make sure no-one will take your name and tittles, the Guild offer a free registration approved by Vulcan itself

Overview of Ownership

The Guild has multiple clergy available who can inform all our guild members about their worldly possessions