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VulcanVerse is an island world, created by the God Vulcan and divided into four areas, a quadrant. The total area of the island is 3.4km x 3.4km.


Geography and Climate

The island is divided into four equal areas with Vulcan City, a walled city containing elements of each of the other sections of land within.

Mountains of Boreas

The Mountains of Boreas take up the north west quarter of VulcanVerse. Boreas's terrain is best described as a frozen, steppe plateau, reaching heights greater than that of any of the other areas. In the centre of Boreas is The Great Sinkhole.

Gardens of Arcadia

Lush, green and covered in grasslands and forest, the Gardens of Arcadia were the gardens of the Gods. Arcadia is situated in the north east quarter of VulcanVerse. This land is forever summer, though summer storms are common. Central to Arcadia can be found the Summer Palace.

Desert of Notus

The Desert of Notus is located in the south east of VulcanVerse. Hot, arid and dotted with Pyramid Mausoleums, the Desert of Notus is known for Iskandria, the once great city at the delta of The Great River, home to the Myrmidons.

Underworld of Hades

The Underworld of Hades occupies the south west quarter of VulcanVerse. Its hellish landscape is unforgiving, containing an active volcano, the two longest rivers in VulcanVerse in the River Acheron and the River Styx and is home to the imposing Tower of the Dead.

Vulcan City

Vulcan City can be found in the centre of VulcanVerse, at the meeting point of the four great routes. It is the walled capital city of VulcanVerse, itself divided to match the quarters of the land surrounding it and is designated neutral territory. The city is ran by the Kourai Khryseai, golden humanoid automatons crafted by Vulcan. In the centre of the city is The Palace, home to Vulcan himself.


VulcanVerse has many inhabitants, some of which have lived here for aeons. Amongst these inhabitants are the Vulcanites.