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Vulcanites are beings that inhabit the VulcanVerse. They have lived here for aeons, and made the land their own.


Vulcanites lived alongside the Gods in ancient times and now work alongside humans in the VulcanVerse. There are a multitude of different Vulcanites throughout the land and they can regularly be seen foraging or doing battle with each other. Humans will have mastery over some Vulcanites on arrival in VulcanVerse and will be able to request the Vulcanites do their bidding.

Species / Order

Multiple species of Vulcanite live within VulcanVerse - each native to one of the four areas of land.


Within the class Carnivora is Alpha of the Deep Forest a wolf, who resides in the Gardens of Arcadia, Kopis of the High Steppes a sabretooth tiger who roams the Mountains of Boreas and the Nemean Lion of the Desert, a powerful lion who prowls the outskirts of Iskandria close to where the Notus and the sea meet.


Centaurs were once commonplace in the Gardens of Arcadia. Rare today, few remain such as Velosina of the Sacred Stables and the famous Chrion, First Amongst Centaurs.


Soter, Lord of the Woodland Herds, is a stag, residing in the woodland areas of Arcadia.


Within the order of Daemones, you will find Blubberjaw, Trapjaw, Wolfshadow and the ferryman of souls himself, Charon, all Vulcanites that reside in the Underworld of Hades.


Of the Gorgons, Medusa is the most well known. She is native to the Underworld of Hades.


Within the order Hybridae is Aelio, Storm-Swift Queen of the Harpies. This fearsome figure calls the Mountains of Boreas home. Alongside her in Boreas, though traditionally her enemy, is the powerful Minotaur, Asterion, Master of the Minotaurs. In Arcadia can be found Phearei, Dryad of the Woodland Glades and in Notus is Numatox, Cockatrice of the Desert and Syna the Spiderling, Spawn of Arachne.


Tomyios, Kobalos of the Sink Hole is the most known of all Impudae in VulcanVerse. He resides in central Boreas.


Thunder is VulcanVerse's only Pachyderm, based in the Mountains of Boreas.


Venomtail of the Dunes of Doom is a scorpion Vulcanite that can be found in the Desert of Notus.


Rising up from the sands, bony fingers grasping is Chthonius of They Who Despoil. Chthonius is a 'dread lord', in command of a band of undead warriors.

Gifts from Vulcan

Vulcan announced, prior to the full opening of VulcanVerse, that he would give all mortals entering VulcanVerse one Vulcanite companion from a choice of eight - two Vulcanites to represent each quadrant of VulcanVerse. These are Corpse Rat and Storm Crow representing Hades, Drakonewt and Royal Caladriole representing Notus, Orestiad Goat and Mountain Sprite for Boreas and Fae Fox and Spirit Owl representing Arcadia. The only caveat being that upon registering for entry to VulcanVerse and choosing your companion, that companion cannot be traded for another - they will be alongside you throughout your time in VulcanVerse.

Hidden and rumoured Vulcanites

There have been rumours of other Vulcanites seen skulking in the swamps of Hades and deep in the dark mountainside caves of Boreas. One such Vulcanite, known as 'Mother' proved, in truth, to be an abomination in the eyes of the God Vulcan, though despite not physically existing within VulcanVerse, has gained a strange cult following amongst some of the human inhabitants.

Berserk days

Occasionally, the God Vulcan, will grow bored of watching humans go about their daily activities and call a Berserk day. All Vulcanites will do battle with Vulcanites from opposing quadrants. A result of this spectacle will be that the human the Vulcanite is bonded to will benefit alongside the Vulcanite from battles won.