Mountains of Boreas

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Mountains of Boreas
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Etymology: Named by Vulcan after the winter wind
Mountains of Boreas is located in VulcanVerse
Mountains of Boreas
Mountains of Boreas
Coordinates: 51°N 3°E / 51°N 3°E / 51; 3Coordinates: 51°N 3°E / 51°N 3°E / 51; 3

The Mountains of Boreas are situated in the north west quadrant of VulcanVerse.

Place name

As detailed in the Book of Vulcan, when creating VulcanVerse, Vulcan named the land Boreas after the winter wind:

and the Mountains he named for the Winter Wind that blows from out of the mighty peaks: Boreas.

—Book of Vulcan, 4

Geography and features

Where Boreas meets the sea on its north and western boundaries and where it borders the Gardens of Arcadia to the east and the Underworld of Hades to the south, great mountains rise up towards the heavens. The interior of Boreas, however, is a great alpine steppe, for the most part flat except for four mountains that rise skyward and, in the centre of the plateau, the Fortress of the Wind, home of the God of the north winter wind, Boreas.

Mount Helikon

Situated to the north east of the central plateau, Mount Helikon is located closest to the home of Boreas the Fortress of the Wind. It overlooks the Great Sinkhole and a river running from it drains there. Slightly to the south east is the Lair of the Cyclops.

Mount Atos

Mount Atos sits to the north west of the centre, not far from the Hippogriff's Eyrie. As with the other mountains, a river runs from it and drains into the Great Sinkhole.

Mount Othri

The slopes of Mount Othri offer views over Vulcan City, its north west slope faces the Great Sinkhole where its river drains.

Mount Nysa

To the south west of Boreas's central plateau stands Mount Nysa. Just to the north west is the Harpie's Nest.

The mountains were home to the Oreads, members of the Ourea, the young goddesses of the mountains. The Ourea are the children of the earth goddess Gaia. Formerly ruling the land, they have not been seen since pre-history, but legend records that they are asleep within their mountains and will one day awaken.

The Great Sinkhole

In the center of Boreas, lies the Great Sinkhole, which is the drainage-point of the four rivers that run from the mountains surrounding it.

The Fortress of Winds

North of The Great Sinkhole is a pillared hypostyle fortress of porticos and pillars. Winds roar across the extremities of the Fortress, as it rests atop a solid column of stone, which rises up from the High Steppes to scratch at the clouds.
"It is the home of Boreas, the Winter Wind, but he has long abandoned it, in favor of hurtling about his realm shrieking like… well, the wind, creating havoc, trying to throw off the bonds that bind him." - Kourai Khryseai

Minotaur Labyrinth

To the far south of Boreas, close to the border with the Underworld of Hades, can be found the entrance to the Minotaur Labyrinth.

Flora and fauna

Herds of Mammoth roam the steppe, though greatly reduced in number today. There still remain some Cyclopes in mountainside caves and, on the sporadic peak and cliff top, greatly reduced in number, are Harpies and Hippogriffs. Should a traveller find themselves in a subterranean cavern, they may still come across the occasional Minotaur. The steppes, in ages past, were populated by tribes of Amazons, horse riding warrior women. Giants were also seen, in times of old. Small herds of wild horses, descendants of those ridden by the Amazons, run on the steppe - sometimes prey to the small number of Sabre-tooths that can be found here.

Arrival of humans

The God Vulcan invited humans to buy land in the Mountains of Boreas, as with the other land quadrants. The humans did not disappoint, with all land sold within three days. This included 2,500 plots in Boreas. Vulcan currently prepares this land ready for people to raise it up to something close to its former glory and make the Gods proud.