Vulcan City

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Vulcan City sits at the heart of VulcanVerse and is the home of the God, Vulcan.



Vulcan City is a fortified, walled city in the centre of VulcanVerse. It houses the 'embassies' (in so much that VulcanVerse has embassies) or halls for each of the four quadrant areas and so, the city is itself divided into four unique quarters with the magnificent Vulcan Palace at its centre and therefore, the centre of VulcanVerse as a whole.


Vulcan City is walled, with four large gatehouses as centrepiece of each wall, where the great routeways enter the city. The four corners of the walls feature fortifications. The individual sections of the walls can be climbed by steps on the Vulcan City side, for a view of both the land beyond and a view across the city itself.


Vulcan City is dominated by the magnificent Vulcan Palace, central to the whole VulcanVerse. Surrounding the palace are mixed buildings, the city is divided into quarters to represent each quadrant area. To the north west is the Boreas quarter, the north east the Arcadia quarter, the south east the Notus quarter and finally, the Hades quarter lies to the south west of the city, mirroring the directions of the quadrants outside of the city. Each city quarter has an embassy or building representing its quadrant. These buildings are on a scale only surpassed by Vulcan Palace itself within the city walls.

Population and demographics

Vulcan City is inhabited by automatons, forged by Vulcan from pure gold to look like humans. These are the Kourai Khryseai, highly intelligent beings in possession of great reasoning powers, who run Vulcan City on behalf of Vulcan. Also, the Keledones, golden automated maidens who possess beautiful voices. They sing, dance and entertain both Gods and mortals alike.