Hild's Stream

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Hild's Stream is the north western-most watercourse in the Gardens of Arcadia.


Hild's Stream has its source somewhere in the Deep Forest. It is thought that it runs underground in places and may well be responsible for filling the various pools and areas of standing water found in the area of the Deep Forest. Hild's Stream surfaces on the north side of the road close to the cliff border between Arcadia and the Mountains of Boreas, alongside the House Of Records. Other north south waterways in the area near the Boreas mountain cliff face could be southern extensions of the stream, though here they go by different names.

One hypothesis is that the source is melt water run off from the Boreas plateau, as there are damp areas at the foot of the cliff face, though this remains to be investigated.


Course of Hild's Stream

The course of Hild's Stream from where it surfaces just north of the northern trade route in Arcadia, is quite short. Surfacing to the west of the House of Records, the stream hugs the rock outcrop that the building sits on, passing it until it meets a former drainage outlet. This drainage outlet is out of use; here, the water turns briefly east and then north east before resuming its course north, where it passes Summerstorm View and enters a drainage channel, passing underground for the next 25 meters or so, before depositing into the northern sea. There are three small stone crossings - one alongside the House Of Records, one slightly further north allowing for a crossing towards the ruins of Edyth's Tower and a final crossing serving Summerstorm View.

Water level

The water level varies with the weather. The Gardens of Arcadia are known for their humid weather - beautiful sunshine can turn abruptly to storms, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. Over time, the stream has cut quite a deep channel and during times of rain, or mixed weather, is full with overflow seeping into the earth to eventually find the sea. Through periods of prolonged heat, the stream has been known to slow to a trickle, exposing much of the stream bed.

An unexpected treasure

Unexpected discovery.png

During one Arcadian heatwave, with Hild's Stream running extremely low, landowner Neswulf the Record Keeper discovered a container in the mud at the northern drainage outlet that had been partially blocking the stream's outlet to sea. Three stone tablets were discovered inside the container - these appear to have undeciphered letters or symbols carved into their surface. The tablets are now stored in the House Of Records for further study.