Deep Forest

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Deep Forest
Deep Forest is located in VulcanVerse
Deep Forest
Deep Forest
Coordinates: 51°06′N 4°48′E / 51.1°N 4.8°E / 51.1; 4.8Coordinates: 51°06′N 4°48′E / 51.1°N 4.8°E / 51.1; 4.8
AreaGardens of Arcadia

The Deep Forest is an area that is for the most part within the Gardens of Arcadia with its western border being within the Mountains of Boreas.


The Deep Forest is found in the westernmost part of Arcadia, covering a vast swathe of land from the northern routeway to the north gate of Vulcan City and from the River of Arcadia in the east to Boreas in the west. Historically, the Deep Forest has been the hunting grounds of packs of wolves, led by the sons and pack leaders of King Lycaon. Here, Alpha of the Deep Forest roams, hunting herds of deer and Soter, Lord of the Woodland Herds, stands to preserve and protect.

Disputed border

It is not widely known, but the western border of the Deep Forest, where the forest meets the north south routeway, falls within Boreas. This has been a source of contention amongst some humans landowners awaiting the opening of VulcanVerse by the God Vulcan, with some faithful to Boreas making claims about buying land in the Boreas section of the forest and causing trouble for Arcadians with their powerful Borean Vulcanites.


Within the Deep Forest are landmarks hidden amongst tangles of vines and roots. Ruins and the remains of shrines from more prosperous times can be found.

Southern ruins

Central statue

Northern temple

Arrival of mankind

The God, Vulcan, invited humans to VulcanVerse to build a 'new Olympus' and to rekindle the failing knowledge of the Gods. Land in the Deep Forest has been purchased by mankind, though it is not yet clear what wonders will come to pass in the old forest.