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The first mass Vulcanite battle occurred in VulcanVerse Alpha

VulcanVerse Alpha is the name given to Vulcan's world in progress or proto-world.

Origins of VulcanVerse Alpha

As Vulcan prepared VulcanVerse for full entry, he gave access to the incomplete world to a select few devoted followers. Vulcan instructed these humans to test out the boundaries of his world - to use the god-forged tools he has provided to sculpt the land, to build up to the heavens and to dig deep into the earth. He also provided the means to add water to the land and place objects. In total, there have been several versions of VulcanVerse Alpha, with a wipe of the land between each. This allowed the invited mortals to start afresh and Vulcan to implement changes and add new items for humans to experiment with. The first few iterations of the Alpha world allowed just 50 people in. The final versions of Alpha gave a taste of the proto-world to 300 souls.

Setting in VulcanVerse

VulcanVerse Alpha was initially set in the Gardens of Arcadia. Originally, the area provided was a section between the border of the not as yet created Vulcan City and the Summer Palace, though access was given allowing a person to wander across the plains to the Druid's Shrine. In the next iteration, the land available stretched to include the Wineries of the Nectar of the Gods. Vulcan next set about on a clockwise rotation of the quadrants - Arcadia closed and the Desert of Notus was opened up. Notus was a little more complete, Vulcan had forged much of this desert location, though some places were to undergo changes later. The Vulcan City wall was by now in place. Third was the Underworld of Hades, where lucky mortals were first able to gaze upon the huge Palace of the Dead and visit the Thanatos volcano under a blood red sky. Next came the Mountains of Boreas, high on a mountainous plateau, where mortals constructed some of the most standout builds of the proto-world, terramorphing snow and ice and constructing castles. The final location for the testers - and open to all land owning mortals, was a return to Arcadia, by now complete.

Tools and objects


A terramorph tool proved popular. This allowed for the shaping of the earth - both building up into the air and cutting into the ground to create caves and tunnels. This tool could also be used to make a cutting for water.


This tool required use of the terramorph tool to create a cutting or dish, which water could then be added at the desired level.

Terrain type

A tool that would choose terrain texture type, for example grass, gravel or rocks.


Vulcan provided a wealth of objects for the selected humans to use and test. These included full size one and two floor houses, fences, ruined walls, columns, trees and bushes, torches and indoor items such as furniture.

Modular building blocks

For the final stage of Vulcan's test of his world, the return to Arcadia, modular building tools were granted, allowing builders to create interesting and unique builds with the new tools provided.

Notable builds

Vulcan was pleased with the creativity of mortals within VulcanVerse Alpha. Builds included a pyramid, forts and villages, images of which appear below.


Plague of Vulcanites

There are several documented events that took place during VulcanVerse's Alpha days. These events have been said to have contributed towards shaping Vulcan's ideas on the coming Beta and complete VulcanVerse. The first few events, inexplicable in nature, have since been described as tests laid on by the gods. Further substantial events have been attributed to humans and mortal use of Vulcan's provided tools.

Ogygian Flood

The Ogygian Flood, or Great Flood, is said to have occurred in the first day - and possibly the first hour following human arrival in VulcanVerse Alpha. The entire land area - or a significant portion of it, is said to have been flooded - though this happened without rainfall and, according to reports, in an instant. The flood has since been depicted in a mural. Strangely, the terrain and Vulcanites are said to have been submerged beneath the waters, but the first humans found themselves to either walk on or levitate above the water.

Plague of Vulcanites

Circle of death.jpg

Shortly after the Great Flood had subsided, the early world was plagued by an ever increasing number of Vulcanites. Most notably was the 'circle of death' - tens, possibly hundreds, of scorpions charging around a terramorphed column. Opposite them, a further large number of scorpions appeared, charging around a small hill. Aside from the scorpions, other Vulcanites appeared, often grouped together in a way that Vulcanites do not usually do, with no interaction. Slightly later, a herd of stags were spotted closely following a mortal around.

Meteorological events

Sun and stars appearing together

The weather and day and night cycles in VulcanVerse Alpha varied. For the first several days, Arcadia sat under a clear blue sky with the sun overhead. This was followed by the first night and moon rise. The sunny day and cool night rotation lasted for several more days. Days then ceased to be for a short time, VulcanVerse plunged into a long night, the moon fixed overhead. Next came a strange meteorological sign; both day and night existed simultaneously, the sun and stars appearing together in the sky, the sun giving way to the moon which appeared in a starless sky. Day returned, but with it the rains came. Heavy cloud and rain lasted for several days and nights until the weather evolved into a more usual pattern.

The Call of the Void

In the early days several mortals found their way into the world, but were not blessed with tools of the forge. They could explore. But never build. These "Banished Builders" as they referred to themselves, roamed the world far and wide. Initially, to marvel at and document the creations of the other Mortals and of Vulcan himself. But eventually they began to poke at the very fabric of the land, chasing the edges that Vulcan had yet to finish, entering the void.

The creation of a new realm was not to go unnoticed by other deities, and so it should be expected that Vulcan's new endeavour naturally drew the attention of others. Though he did his best to shield the mortals from outside influence, Vulcan's world at the time was unfinished, and with it, so were his defenses. Waiting in the shadows, beyond the edges of the world they sat, and watched. Waiting for a host. For a way in.

House Lorekeepers have recently unearthed diaries from one such "Banished Builder" and have begun trying to decipher the cryptic writings.

Poking holes in the fabric of VulcanVerse

For the proto-Desert of Notus, a human by the name of Armega entered VulcanVerse. He proved an expert in punching holes in Vulcan's world, like the "Banished Builder" before him, Armega accessed places that were not meant to be accessed. These included the lava cracked subterranean depths of VulcanVerse - but not through digging from the surface. When testing proto-Boreas, he accessed the area underneath Vulcan City and was able, using the teleport and flying method granted by Vulcan to early testers (known as 'Q'), appear in and explore Vulcan City, whilst others could only watch on from outside the gates. Armega also managed to climb onto the roof of the Fortress of the Wind.

The 'Vulcanite lock' at the Vulcanite tournament

The Vulcanite Arena

A mortal by the name of Walter Chambers constructed an arena for Vulcanite battles, organising a Vulcanite Tournament on earth date 8 July 2021. Many people arrived with their Vulcanites, with Walter and others putting prizes forward for tournament winners. It was initially unclear why, but on arrival at the arena, Vulcanites and tournament goers froze. This has been described as the 'Vulcanite lock'. Vulcanites were able to move their bodies but not leave the spot they were standing on or hovering above. Various theories as to the reasoning behind this emerged - conspicuous in her absence from VulcanVerse alpha, some observers postulated that this may be Medusa's doing - yet this argument was dismissed as the attendees were not turned to stone. Vulcan's minion, Jamie, had the answer - Vulcan was not prepared to allow a full scale tournament in his proto-world as he was to make further changes and additions to the land prior to this.


Several Vulcanites were provided by Vulcan for alpha builders to become acquainted with. These were Alpha, Wolfshadow, Tomyios, Syna, Aelio, Trapjaw, Soter, Venomtail and Phearei.