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Name Syna the Spiderling, Spawn of Arachne
Order Hybridae
Population 300
Homeland Desert of Notus

Syna the Spiderling is half human, half spider and the spawn of Arachne. She resides alongside other spiderlings in the Desert of Notus.


Arachne was a weaver who challenged the Goddess Athena and was consequently transformed by Athena into a spider. She has spawned many spiderlings of which Syna is one. They lie in wait, hidden in the desert waiting for some unsuspecting creature to walk by. They are particularly fond of ambushing young men who they will bind in their unbreakable bonds of spider silk. It is said that the venom of the Spiderling fills its victims with a terrible delight, rendering them paralysed with paroxysms of pleasure - though no one has survived to tell the tale. The spiderlings will eat their prey alive and humans have been reported, even during this terrible process, of being filled with a dreadful joy as they are picked apart.