Shrines devoted to Wryon

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There are various Shrines devoted to Wryon the Wanderer found throughout VulcanVerse.


The origin of the shrines is occasionally debated by VulcanVerse historians. Vulcan provided empty land to mortals aside from a few landmarks, remnants of a more ancient, land inhabited by gods and many creatures, therefore it stands to reason that the new human builders constructed the shrines. There is also a theory that the shrines were already in existence in some form and that mortal builders repaired and restored them. Also, a common theory is that some of the first human builders were able to channel energy emanating from the ground and, in veneration of Wryon, constructed the shrines in these areas of high energy. No theories have proved conclusive at the time of writing.

Notable Shrines

Gardens of Arcadia

Wryon Shrine (Tristan).jpg

A large shrine is located in the far east of the Gardens of Arcadia. The caretaker of this shrine is Tristan the Red (sometimes known as Tristan the Bard). It can be found just to the east of the road, north east of the Woodlands of Ambrosia, alongside the coast. The shrine is made of cobbled stone, with walls and arches some 12 feet tall surrounding the north, east and southern aspects. The shrine is open for access from the west. There is a central wooden platform with channels filled with water running to the left and right on entry. Running along the top of the shrine are various small fires that stay perpetually lit. This shrine is large enough for large gatherings of worshipers.

There is a much smaller shrine located behind the House Of Records in north west Arcadia, near the cliff wall separating Arcadia and the Mountains of Boreas. This shrine faces south and sits immediately to the south of the ruins of Edyth's Tower, of which only the base of the tower remains. Like the shrine in eastern Arcadia, this shrine is constructed of cobbled stone. It sits in a depression in the ground, with a central fire pit, walls protruding out either side of the pit. To the rear is a central raised section, with smaller raised sections to the left and right. On these raised sections, like the aforementioned shrine in eastern Arcadia, there are fires that remain permanently alight. The caretaker of this shrine is the Record Keeper.

Mountains of Boreas

The Wanderer's Shrine.png

The Wanderer's Shrine in the far north west of Boreas, is dedicated to all travelers, especially those who are lost - both physically and spiritually. Its confines are known to provide warmth and protection to those on the road or making a journey. Offerings to Wryon are often made in the lower area and pool. The shrine is similar in style to the shrine near the Woodlands of Ambrosia in Arcadia and is in a similar position, beyond the road and near the coast. Like its counterpart, The Wanderer's Shrine has an opening facing the road and an area where offerings can be made in the centre, surrounded by a pool. This pool runs both to the sides and front of the position a visiting pilgrim would stand or kneel. There are also the common fires that are always alight. To the rear of this shrine is a wooden single storey building with three pitched roofs. Inside is a small area for rest, including beds and seating. The shrine is surrounded by pine trees and grasses.

There are reports of further shrines throughout VulcanVerse, though these have yet to be investigated fully.

Use of Shrines

Shrines devoted to Wryon are visited by the Acolytes of Wryon and others wishing to show their devotion to the wandering one. Offerings are sometimes left, consisting of flowers, food and maps - thought to aid Wryon in his travels through VulcanVerse.