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Neswulf the Record Keeper
Personal details
OccupationRecord Keeper at the House of Records
Known forCreating the House of Records
AwardsOld Guard (OG), The Chosen

The Record Keeper is the custodian of the House Of Records. He is responsible for documenting the lore and history of VulcanVerse, chronicling news and events in the House of Records in north Arcadia.


Despite the location of the House of Records being in the Gardens of Arcadia, the Record Keeper's companion on entering VulcanVerse is the Mountain Sprite. This is perhaps not too surprising as the north western position of the House of Records puts it within a stones throw of the mountainous border of Boreas.

The Story of the Record Keeper

Below is an excerpt of The Story of the Record Keeper and how the House of Records came to be.

The Record Keeper was thoroughly sodden, his rain soaked clothes stuck to his skin. But he was now done. Several VulcanVerse days of intense foraging with the help of Soter and Phearei, his Vulcanites, saw that there was enough wood and copper gathered from the far reaches of Arcadia to construct his first House of Records - the repository for all VulcanVerse lore and history - as it will be written from this day on. No more must the Record Keeper carry the heavy tomes detailing the proto version of Vulcan's world - alpha. Now, they will rest on shelves - still damp - the roof isn't perfect and water seeps in. But the Record Keeper and his Vulcanites can take shelter. There is no bed; the floorboards will do for now. The fire will warm his bones. A new story has begun.

—The Story of the Record Keeper