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Name Phearei, Dryad of the Woodland Glades
Image PheareiHR.jpg
Order Hybridae
Population 300
Homeland Gardens of Arcadia

Phearei is known for being both one of the oldest Dryads in the Gardens of Arcadia and for her many - believed to be in excess of fifty - mortal love slaves that she calls servants.


Phearei is one of many Dryads native to Arcadia. Dryads are tree nymphs, friends to Artemis and known to be quite shy in general, though these spirits are not as harmless as people often believe. Humans have been reported as falling asleep beneath the boughs of a great tree into a deep slumber from which they never awake. In some instances, those that do wake will do so 'nymph-struck', blindly in love with the Dryad of the tree. That person will then serve her until their death.