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Name Numatox, Cockatrice of the Desert
Order Hybridae
Population 50
Homeland Desert of Notus

Numatox is the most feared of a hybrid breed known as Cockatrices, winged creatures with the body and wings of a dragon or wyvern and a cockerel like head and feet. Numatox may be found in a place called the 'Land from which No-one Returns' in the western edges of the Desert of Notus.


Cockatrices have always lived in Notus. They are a fearsome creature to look at and highly poisonous in both touch and, should you find yourself face to face with one - stare. Worse still is their breath, which signifies certain death. Legend has it, however, that the blood of a Cockatrice can cure all ills. For this reason, the desperate and the mad will occasionally seek out Cockatrices.