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Welcome to The House Of Records.

Here, you will find VulcanVerse Lore and recorded information about notable places, events, Vulcanites, guilds, factions, items and people.

Vulcan is currently forging VulcanVerse - check back for updates.

Adventurer! Be wary when browsing our chronicles – do not pick up a quill so readily.. The House of Records may be watched over by the Record Keeper, but all Gods and mortals have the ability to contribute to these tomes. This does not, however, mean that our libraries are free from rules. We invite all dwellers of VulcanVerse to contribute to our records, should they possess the digital skill and knowledge to do so. Want to leave your mark in the records? Write a new page? Update an existing record? Read the Rules first.

Reading material

These dusty bookshelves are a little imposing. Unsure where to start? Take a look at the below:

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