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Name Chthonius of They Who Despoil
Order Spartoi
Population 200
Homeland Desert of Notus

Chthonius is an undead Dread Lord, commander of a band of warriors, members of the Spartoi. Born of the teeth of dragons, their bony protrusions have been seen sprouting up from beneath the feet of the unwary - should a dragons tooth meet the ground. Chthonius is the captain of 'They Who Despoil', a band of Spartoi amongst many - known for waging war against each other as much as they are for drinking mortal blood.


The Spartoi have grown in numbers exponentially over the years. When there is enough of them, bands are formed under strange names such as 'Those that Lay the Land to Waste' and 'They who Bring Death'. Known as desecraters, despoilers and drinkers of mortal blood and commanded by a Dread Lord, the Spartoi strike fear into those brave enough to risk crossing the Desert of Notus.