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WiLD Vulcanite is the Guardian of The Sacred Waters which are connected with each other, between all quadrants in VulcanVerse.

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  • *Quoted as per Druid's Shrine Heritage*
  • The druids were a people, generations of women, who took an extraordinary place in society. Surrounded by a mystical atmosphere of rituals, sacrifices and driven by a huge amount of knowledge about the medical powers of the local plants and herbs, the druids were people feared and admired by members of the local community. Close to the elements of nature, the druids delivered a lot to the medical science and knowledge of biology in VulcanVerse. Little remains of physical evidence of the druids has been found except bones, tools and stones. Yet they are described from the first writing, which still can be seen in the ancient department of the library of VulcanCity. Sung in songs, described in poems and stories, drawn in murals: the Druids are part of the history of Arcadia. It is still unknown how the Druids story ends exactly but many believe, they are not completely gone. One of the most famous remains of this powerful nation and determinative part of history is Phearei, Dryad of the Woodland Glades.

WiLD Vulcanite is a descendent of the Druids, a group that called themselves "Guardians of the WiLD" and claimed to play a main role in the balance of all.

In todays age, they are more commonly known as "the WiLD ones/or 'the WiLD Witches of the Verse'" and are still upholding their ancestors customs. Amongst that, are rituals of worshipping the female Goddesses Artemis, Athena & Aphrodite and the elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth & Light - the latter is believed, by the Coven, to be the elemental part of creation itself and our source of life force energy, which - when in balance - has got the power to connect us to our divine source-energy, revealing super-human powers to trained Sorceresses.

Often you will find WiLD Vulcanite executing rituals with the help of her experienced Dryad Phearei.


The tasks of the WiLD Sorceress include "walking the waters" of the Verse daily and maintaining the health of the sacred, fertile grounds around them. Because of the importance of the health of the waters, only a handful of people have direct access to the Sacred streams and lakes and the other inhabitants of the Verse have to use the rainwater-creeks that naturally occur or travel to the ocean.

Besides honouring her families customs, WiLD Vulcanite also teaches the art of practicing Green Magick to others, who feel called to the Sacred Life. One of the public teaching facilities is the Sea-Side estate Cassiopeia. 100 square meters of magic directly by the coast, located in the North-East of Arcadia. Students may wait years to finally get one of the most thought after educational seats in the Verse and then most of them, about 88%, fail during the first three test. This incredibly selective process is divinely supported and has been in practice ever since the Coven begun sharing their secrets. "Magick runs in your blood, or not" is what you will hear the WiLD Witch repeat like a mantra.



Healing is what Druids / green Sorceresses do.

WiLD Vulcanite and her well-trained, loyal Companions, "Roy" Royal Caladriole & the Dryad of the Woodlands Phearei, are spending a lot of their time foraging for valuable herbs, roots and magickal gemstones to provide preventative and acute medicine for the mortals and creatures of VulcanVerse. Amongst alchemical preparations of healing tinctures, you will find an assortment of dried mushrooms, dried herbs, berries and roots, teas & salves to soothe & cure most ailments.



Gardening is an important part of a Witches life. To connect daily with what we put into our body is a mindfulness-meditation in itself, watering with sacred water, singing to the plants and sharing some produce with Mother Nature, every time. The result is simply magickal and believed to be a crucial part of a healthy witches diet!

Acknowledging the need for this awareness amongst all mortals, WiLD Vulcanite opened up a "Magickal Event Restaurant", at the backside of the Druid's Shrine in theGardens of Arcadia. The name of the establishment is "The WiLD Druid's Cauldron". Seats are limited and very popular, so book quickly to avoid disappointment.

...to be continued