WiLD Druid's Cauldron

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The WiLD Druid's Cauldron is a Special Event Restaurant at the rear end of the Druid's Shrine.

  • "FOOD IS MEDICINE" is the mantra



Foraging and Gardening are important parts of a WiLD Witches life. To connect daily with what we put into our body, is a mindfulness-meditation in itself. Watering with sacred water, singing to the plants and sharing some produce with Mother Nature, every time. The result is simply magickal and believed to be a crucial part of a healthy mortals life!

So it might not come as surprise to hear that, not just for the quality and taste of the WiLD's Food, but also for her WiLD Apothecary, people travel from all over the Verse, to get their tailored treatment.

All Food served at the WiLD Druid's Cauldron has been grown with the utmost respect, by the WiLD Ones. Considering ancient knowledge of working harmoniously with the seasons, blessing each herb or bean individually during its growth-process and harvesting only when the plant is ready to give.


The Event Themes are always Magick related and lay an emphasis on teaching the history of our connection with nature and the gods.

Terms & Conditions of your visit

A strict "policy of honour" is upheld on all of WiLD Vulcanites Sacred Grounds. Meaning you are being sworn in, under the presence of your ancestors, to follow The Golden Rule at all times during your stay. Those few who ever dared to disrespect the Coven and therefore the deities behind them, have never been the same again and rumours of 3 pigs in red jackets, leaving the event location, each with an arrow in their behind, have been part of the lore around the Magick of the WiLD, for as long as any local can remember.

Seats are limited and very popular, so book quickly to avoid disappointment.

Bookings are taken by personal visit or crystal ball only.