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The Incident

As long as there has been a Vulcanverse, there has been gossip about the tragic incident surrounding the loss of Trapjaw's legs. Lords, Knights, and Kings, gather in taverns across the lands and exchange stories from their travels. One such story tells, that Trapjaw used to be a handsome mortal by the name of Sir. Tristin Apollus Jawridus, who after years of trials and tribulations grew angry at the gods. One day, Sir. Tristin heard of a powerful weapon capable of killing a god and went to the depths of Hades to retrieve it. After months of questing, he finally came upon the weapon somewhere north of River Hades. Eventually he found himself with the mythical weapon within his grasp, but just as he was about to acquire it, he got careless and triggered one of the traps guarding it. Lava flowed from the floor, scorching everything in its path. As it reached Sir. Tristin, he cried out to Vulcan for mercy, and offered his soul in return. Vulcan took pity, and lifted him from the lava, but it was too late, his legs were gone, and his skin scorched and flayed by the immense heat. Vulcan then granted Sir Tristin the ability to glide across the land unaided to serve him for eternity. Thus, Trapjaw was created, forever haunting the lands of Hades in service of Vulcan.