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The Importance of Obol

Charon, do you take dublons?

Sitting around a tavern was a rambunctious group of travelers in Vulcan City drinking ale and sharing tall tales. The most curious of the tales told that day was the tale of the Obol and the foolish King. While all kings can be foolish in life, this one had the audacity of being foolish after death with the most serious of vulcanites. As the story goes, after a life of gambling, whoring, eating, and drinking, a foolish king made his way to an early grave. However before he was laid down to rest, a scorned royal stole the king's obol from his mouth, before lowering him into the ground. When the king arrived in Hades, still drunk and stumbling around he followed the path down to the Styx. As he arrived he realized he had nothing to pay his transport across the river. So the king decided to take a gamble, he would call down on Vulcan himself for aid. Much to his surprise Vulcan himself came down and feeling gracious he offered him a deal. While he couldn't pay for him to cross, he might allow the king to travel in the afterlife with Charon the ferryman. All the King had to do was answer a simple question within the time limit of 5 seconds. Other wandering souls gathered around the king to watch the commotion by the river. The King overconfident in his knowledge of the world gladly accepted the challenge. "What is the name of the coin used to cross the Styx with the ferryman?" Vulcan asked. As the King opened his mouth to answer, but no answer came. "Five" Vulcan's voice thundered across Hades and terror washed over the King's face as he felt the full burnt of the pressure. "Four" The King grew pale in fear. "Three" His legs started shaking and his heart stopped. "Two" in desperation the king shouted the first nonsense that came to his mind "DUBLON!" the wandering souls surrounding him gasped. "One" The king stood aghast. "Zero" Vulcan shook his head in disappointment and disappeared. Charon angry at his time being wasted commanded the earth to open and damned souls carried the foolish king with them, for eternity. The King's shame was immortalized by one of the observing souls as a warning to all mortals.