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The Record Keeper, on returning to the House Of Records following a journey to the Underworld of Hades, discovered bookcases empty and ransacked. On examining what was taken, there appeared to be several Stolen Books and scrolls.

Assembling couriers

The House of Records keeps copies of some of the most important records at locations other than the main library in north west Arcadia. The Record Keeper put out a call for help, asking for willing couriers to visit two locations and retrieve further copies of the missing books to replenish the House. The good people of VulcanVerse were quick to answer the call, with the Record Keeper promising to reward the quickest amongst them.

The couriers journey

Couriers agreed to keep note of what they saw on their journey between the House of Records and the two locations, to further expand knowledge of VulcanVerse and the newly built on land.

Druifke's notes

As fellow Arcadian and close neighbour of The Record Keeper, I was shocked to hear about the raid on the HofR. Without hesitation I rushed to the other locations to search for and retrieve the requested copies. The first locations to the North and East of Arcadia were reached quickly and without any major issues. The journey was pleasant and I even stopped briefly to rest and meet up with an old friend at the Druid's Shrine. Next however, was the long journey to the outer West region of Boreas. Despite only being dressed in simple white robes and having limited resources, I was able to reach the mountain cabin. Completely dehydrated and hypothermic I quickly lied down on one of the beds to recover from the travels. After a short rest and a nice bone broth, I gathered the needed books and headed back for the House of Records. Upon arrival the Record Keeper showed his gratitude and with the help of others he could restore the HofR in it's former glory.

Fruchtzerg's notes

As a stranger in a strangeland, coming from a foreign country I was shocked to witness such crimes in the country of Vulcan. That was the main reason why I left my old country in the first place. I had to see it with my own eyes: Protected by Wolfshadow - not only vulcanite, but also my best friend in the world - I felt safe enough to rush to the Wanderer's shrine in Boreas. There, I met another stranger by the name of Druifke. Sidenote to me: Maybe he was involved in some crime activities, tell the lawmakers of Vulcan later. I went on my way to Arcadia to find the books, to Hild's stream in particular. This looks like a place I should come more often. But first I went further east to the Ancient Bridge. This building was truly spectular was something I have not seen so far on my travels through Vulcan. Thankfully I managed to get the books back and delivered them safely in the HofR, but some mystery will still remain about this incident...

Jaap NL notes

What a beautiful morning in Arcadia it was. Walking through the forests of this beautiful world of nature-loving creatures I found myself on a quest. The loremaster himself called to action. And I answered the call. It was time to head over to the first estate far north near the oceanside. I arrived when the sun was setting. The beautiful sight was overwhelming, but I had to carry on the journey. While performing the task given to me I changed course to the far east of Arcadian lands. This place was known as the 'ancient' bridge. It was built by the earliest visitors of Arcadia during the first war between Hades and Arcadia. The ancient bridge seemed to be fully intact. I investigated the structure and made a picture as proof. Now, the journey would be much further! To the lands of Boreas. This was a long trip. Walking south for miles and miles to the great city of Vulcan. Passing the wineries of the nectar of the gods and straight through the Dales of leaf and stream, I became tired. Luckily I saw a stranger walking my way. This nice person called 'Druifke' offered me some food and drinks. I happily accepted while sitting down on a large rock. It tasted awesome and I expressed my eternal gratitude to this stranger. I asked about his journey ahead. He seemed to be heading the same way!

On we went to the north of Boreas. The snowstorm was fierce, and the ice was cold. We had to endure -40 degrees celsius but we managed to reach some shelter halfway through our journey. Our water bottles were frozen solid. We decided to build a fire, to melt the frozen bottles. As I completely failed to create a fire, Druifke offered to take over this job. With hardly any warm blood flowing through the tips of his fingers, he still managed to get a fire going. What a great feeling. The warmth engulfed our frozen bodies. We also finally managed to drink some well-deserved water. We however realized it was important to carry on. We cleaned the shelter and moved out again. We arrived just before nightfall. Together we managed to complete all tasks given! it was a great quest.

Druifke and JaapNL.png

PhucS's notes

I was foraging with my Vulcanite in Notus. I received a call for help from the Record Keeper. The Record Keeper's bookcase was emptied and ransacked after returning from the Underworld of Hades. Immediately, I moved from Notus to the three required locations to get 3 copies. I reached two locations in Arcadia easily, the process of moving without any difficulty. However, the final location took me quite a while. I tried to cross the cliff between Boreas and Arcadia but couldn't, it was too high. I had to go through Vulcan City and experience the bitter cold winds of Boeras. On my journey, I have seen a few suspects, I think they intend to steal these copies again. However, I tried to complete the mission as safely as possible, obtaining copies and turning them over to the Record Keeper.

Hild's Stream - Cryptokire12.jpg

Cryptokire12's notes

When I learned of the tragedy that befell the House of Records, I couldn't believe it. How dare someone remove precious public knowledge that was carefully collected! It must have been disappointing for the Record Keeper to arrive at that sight after undertaking a dangerous venture into the Underworld of Hades. I went to see for myself the damage that had been done, but it looked like things had been cleaned up and most of the missing records already retrieved. I decided to keep an eye out during my wanderings in case I could spot some new leads about the culprit or the pages they stole. Right across the road from my house in Arcadia was a stream that I was not aware of. It was refreshing to take a breather here and clear my head. Then I made my way to an ancient bridge. I searched every nook and cranny, and found a manuscript tucked in a crevice underneath the bridge! I'll have the Record Keeper verify whether it was one of the stolen pages. Next, I geared up for some Boreas mountain climbing. The journey was long, and it ended at a shrine. I paid my respects to Vulcan, making a wish that something like this would never happen again.