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Name Soter, Lord of the Woodland Herds
Image Soter Alpha.jpg
Order Cervidae
Population 200
Homeland Gardens of Arcadia

Within the woodland areas of the Gardens of Arcadia can be found Soter, the Lord of the Woodland Herds. A mighty stag imbued with 'Soter', the personification of safety and preservation, by Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, in the face of repeated attacks on deer by the wolf packs of Arcadia.


The wolves of the Deep Forest have always hunted the deer of the Arcadian woodlands. With the coming of King Lycaon, wolf lord and king amongst wolves in the Deep Forest, things took a bad turn for the deer. Lycaon taught his children fresh ways to hunt and maim deer, so much so that Arcadia's deer were facing certain extinction. It was then that Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis, stepped in to present a powerful stag with the ability to preserve his herd.