Sacred Waters

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The Sacred Grounds

(also known as The Original Waters or The Infinity Springs are as old as time itself. 

Sacred Springs, whos rivers and lakes nurture all of Vulcans Verse, with divinely blessed Waters.


These sacred Grounds are guarded by an old Coven of Sorceresses, known commonly as 'the WiLD ones', who is believed to harness the power of the Original Waters to create a protective shield over those lands, which provide access to this liquid life-source. There is no proof of this, to our knowledge, but neither is there evidence that would suggest otherwise.

WiLD Vulcanite is the last, known, living descendent of that magickal lineage and functions as Guardian of all Sacred Waters. Still today, you will see her in the Verse, maintaining many sacred grounds across the quadrants, with the help of her Vulcanites, Phearei & Roy and the Alchemists of the Verse.


The Infinity Springs emerge all over VulcanVerse, springs of sacred water, accumulating in an infinity-symbol shaped basin.

All Sacred Water - Grounds, in Arcadia, are marked with the "burning straw-puppet", a Coven - Symbol, as a reminder, that a practicing green sorceress needs to master the flames and pass the test of "burning", every year on Walpurgis Night. "That which is to give light, must endure burning!".

Gardens of Arcadia

Arcadias Infinity Springs, are the largest waters under the WiLDs regulation, known to date. They are located at the North-East edge of Vulcan City, and are already visible from the top of the high city walls. This Property is entrusted to Arcadia's Alchemist Metanaut, but also includes a small Cabin, to the east of the grounds, which is run by WiLD Vulcanite as an over-night-event-location. It is popular with those that want to be close to Vulcan City and, at the same time, feel like they are on a nature holiday with beautiful views.

The WiLD Druid's Cauldron, WiLD Vulcanite's Event Restaurant, is home to a large pond in front of the old cabin and another small infinity-shaped-spring underground, both are originating from underneath the Druid's Shrine. This location gives the water a very special energy, said to not only heal a malnourished soul, but also to revitalise the life-force energy within, supporting one to find meaning in life. All over Arcadia and beyond its green bounds, it is therefore a very sought after good that is not been given out to anyone. Only the purest of hearts will be granted access, to maintain the balance and prevent the dark forces from getting too close to the secrets of the sacred waters.

Holy Trinity Springs There are multiple Springs shaped like the "holy trinity" symbol in different quadrants. To the Sorceresses of the WiLD, the three points represent the natural elements of earth, air, and water. On a spiritual level, it has been thought to symbolise life, death, and rebirth. Amongst the Coven, the holy trinity is also used to connect with the Goddesses Artemis, Athena and Aphrodite, strong female forces, when combined they have got the power to awaken any slumbering feminine energies, supporting the most important thing in the Verse; Balance.

The first one on record, is located at the North-West coast of Arcadia, overlooking the indigo blue ocean, where the connection to the elements is strong. A small camp provides shelter for the ones who got lured into the sacred square of land, incapable of leaving before they have answered the questions that arise within them upon setting foot on the magickal ground.

At the same side of Arcadias coast, further North-East, you can find 100 square meters of land, housing another Holy Trinity Springs with connection to the ocean. This is part of WiLD Vulcanite 's educational grounds " Cassiopeia ". It has a long-standing history in supporting the young magicians of the Verse as well as providing the grounds to the Council of Arcadia for, magickaly guarded, gatherings.

Mountains of Boreas

The Original Springs are located in the Mountains of Boreas. Surging from deep under the icy grounds of the Mountains and surfacing in the shape of an Infinity Symbol, or number 8, partially above the ground and then continuing underground, in a sacred cave, by the Southern Border, dividing the Mountains from the Underworld of Hades.

A large cross on pillars is surrounded by 4 arrows, pointing in different directions. These arrows are believed to indicate the 'Balance of all' or the 'Hermetic principle - as above so below'. The cross is warding off evil, protecting the sacred caves, and is said to be creating balance through keeping the light and the darkness where they are meant to be.

Underworld of Hades

The third of the Holy Trinity Springs can be found in the Underworld of Hades, directly in front of the Volcano, it is also a portal for the living, to grant safe passage in and out of hell.

Not far from there, the last recorded Infinity Springs occur on 40 square meters. Raised from the ground, theses Springs can only be seen when climbing up its walls. Trees growing out of the top, nurtured by the sacred water streams and if one knew where to look, they might find hidden secrets of the past. Slumbering in disguise...

( be continued)