Ryan the Wanderer

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Ryan the Wanderer, sometimes simply known as 'The Wanderer' or 'He Who Wanders' is a (possible) human within VulcanVerse who straddles the line between mythical and real.


The origins of the wanderer are pitted and hard to pin down. Some residents of VulcanVerse swear he exists as a flesh and blood mortal, looking for a land plot that he is sure he has purchased from the God, Vulcan. More still, believe that he is an ethereal being, wandering aimlessly through the VulcanVerse, spirit like, impervious to temperature and the pain that is all too often inflicted in the physical world. Some swear to have seen him, huddled on a bench in Vulcan City while his land sits there, somewhere, growing weed stricken.


VulcanVerse is also host to a troll like figure, known as 'Wryon the Wanderer'. There is confusion as to whether Wryon and Ryan are one and the same, the truth of the matter is currently unknown.


Though not officially sanctioned by Guilds or recognised by the Gods, Ryan the Wanderer has gathered a cult following. He has instigated the future construction of at least one shrine and has sparked talk of wandering acolytes, faithful that Ryan will, one day, be granted the land he is searching for.


Ryan the Wanderer is symbolised by the simple image of a sausage in a bun, referred to by VulcanVerse's human population as a 'hotdog'.