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Name Medusa of the House of Death
Image Medusa stone.png
Order Gorgonae
Population 200
Homeland Underworld of Hades
Medusa in Hades.png

Medusa one of three Gorgons alongside her sisters and daughter of Phorkys and Keto, is well known for having snakes for hair, tusks for teeth and a gaze that means instant death to those that look into her eyes. Medusa lives in a 'House of the Dead', one of the mausoleums to be found in the plains of Hades. She is one of several Vulcanites to reside in Hades and is highly feared. With multiple snakes for hair, Medusa's body is scaly, her tongue forked, her head and torso are human like, but her lower body is like that of a snake, green, fully scaled and patterned with black and yellow.

Medusa's full population is 200. A tale is told amongst humans of another, different Medusa, with paler skin and slightly different snakes protruding from her head - though she has not been seen in VulcanVerse.


Medusa was known to be beautiful, until Athena turned her into a monstrous creature for having sex with Poseidon in Athena's temple. Medusa's sisters are Stheno and Euryale. Medusa's gaze turns those that look into her eyes to stone in an instant.