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Humans are able to receive Landmark Visit Rewards in the form of 'XP' direct from Vulcan.

Origins and meaning

There are many ancient buildings and ruins in VulcanVerse, relics of ancient times when gods and creatures - many of which humans know of as mythical, roamed the world. Mortals are rewarded by the higher powers for visiting Vulcan's ancient architectural works of art and, in the process, appreciate each others imagination and creations in VulcanVerse. Mortals have reported that they receive 10 'XP' - a system in which human visitors to Vulcan's land are rated, per qualifying landmark visited each earth day.

Maps and routes

A typical landmark run

There are 16 qualifying landmarks in total, as of earth date November 26, 2021. Humans have devised various maps showing routes for visiting the landmarks within VulcanVerse. Most start in the quadrant highest above sea level, the Mountains of Boreas. From there, it is either a drop down into the Gardens of Arcadia or the Underworld of Hades before crossing into the scorching Desert of Notus and then finishing in whichever quadrant has yet to be visited. At present, Vulcan City itself does not need to be visited to obtain rewards from Vulcan. Visiting each landmark can be quite the trek, especially for those inexperienced in the terrain or new to VulcanVerse. As more of the land is built on, visiting each landmark is expected to become increasingly difficult.

Mountains of Boreas

There are four landmarks in Boreas, as follows:

Gardens of Arcadia

There are five landmarks in the Gardens of Arcadia, these are:

Desert of Notus

In the Desert of Notus, there are four landmarks to visit:

Underworld of Hades

Hades boasts three landmarks to visit:

There is a possibility that Vulcan will make additions or changes to this list going forward.