Guardians of the WiLD

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Most often used when referring to the old Coven of Druids* (Sorceresses) residing in the Gardens of Arcadia

Synonymous with/ or relating to WiLD Vulcanite or "The WiLD Ones" / "The WiLD Witches" / or "WiLD", but "Guardians of the WiLD" is not exclusively used to describe the Coven, as more and more nature-connected factions are emerging all across VulcanVerse.

A seemingly higher amount of different 'practitioners of magick' finds themselves amongst the Guilds of Arcadia and Hades, but for now there is no evidence to this conclusion, as others might exist, operating out of the shadows.

The Coven of the WiLD has been in charge of the Sacred Waters of VulcanVerse from the beginning of time and is believed to play an important role in maintaining the balance of all.

*Quoted as per Druid's Shrine Heritage*

  • The druids were a people, generations of women, who took an extraordinary place in society. Surrounded by a mystical atmosphere of rituals, sacrifices and driven by a huge amount of knowledge about the medical powers of the local plants and herbs, the druids were people feared and admired by members of the local community. Close to the elements of nature, the druids delivered a lot to the medical science and knowledge of biology in VulcanVerse. Little remains of physical evidence of the druids has been found except bones, tools and stones. Yet they are described from the first writing, which still can be seen in the ancient department of the library of VulcanCity. Sung in songs, described in poems and stories, drawn in murals: the Druids are part of the history of Arcadia. It is still unknown how the Druids story ends exactly but many believe, they are not completely gone. One of the most famous remains of this powerful nation and determinative part of history is Phearei, Dryad of the Woodland Glades.

Subscript text

In todays age, they are more commonly known as "the WiLD Ones". Green witches, working closely with nature and the seasons and are still upholding their ancestral customs today.

Rituals of worshipping the female Goddesses Artemis, Athena & Aphrodite are plentiful, as it was believed that the Coven had built alliances with these 3 deities, to increase the feminine powers all over the Verse. Thus helping to counteract the disproportionate amount of masculine energies that have long tried to dominate the sacred feminine.

The elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth are also worshipped in sacred ceremonies, as well as 'Light' - which is believed, by the Coven, to be the elemental part of creation itself and our source of life force energy. Rumour has it, that the latter, when in balance, has got the power to connect us to our divine source-energy, revealing super-human powers to trained Sorceresses and Alchemists. But fool yourself not, this path takes tremendous amounts of discipline and only a few are cut out to live a life with the spirits.

Grounds on which 'the Spirit of the WiLD' is still very much alive, include anything under the watch of WiLD Vulcanite and that connects to the Sacred Waters.


Picture shows WiLD Vulcanite practicing for "The Covens Fire Ritual". A sacred annual test, in which the participating magicians need to endure the flames of the Volcano, in the Underworld of Hades. WiLd's Vuclanite, Phearei, is a Drayad and deeply involved in the nature-rituals that are practiced by the Coven of the WiLD.