Druid's Shrine

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Druid's Shrine
Druid's Shrine rock.png
The Druid's Shrine sits atop a rocky outcrop
Druid's Shrine is located in VulcanVerse
Druid's Shrine
Druid's Shrine
Coordinates: 51°12′N 5°54′E / 51.2°N 5.9°E / 51.2; 5.9Coordinates: 51°12′N 5°54′E / 51.2°N 5.9°E / 51.2; 5.9

The Druid's Shrine is an ancient place of worship located in the Gardens of Arcadia.


The shrine is undoubtedly ancient. It is not presently known who originally constructed the shrine, whether an order of druids, the gods or otherwise. However, it is certain that the shrine was occupied and used by druid’s for centuries, to which it own’s its name nowadays.

The druids were a people, generations of women, who took an extraordinary place in society. Surrounded by a mystical atmosphere of rituals, sacrifices and driven by a huge amount of knowledge about the medical powers of the local plants and herbs, the druids were people feared and admired by members of the local community. Close to the elements of nature, the druids delivered a lot to the medical science and knowledge of biology in VulcanVerse. Little remains of physical evidence of the druids has been found except bones, tools and stones. Yet they are described from the first writing, which still can be seen in the ancient department of the library of VulcanCity. Sung in songs, described in poems and stories, drawn in murals: the Druids are part of the history of Arcadia. It is still unknown how the Druids story ends exactly but many believe, they are not completely gone. One of the most famous remains of this powerful nation and determinative part of history is Phearei, Dryad of the Woodland Glades

Geography and features

The shrine is located to the east of the River of Arcadia on a rocky outcrop. It can be approached from the south by climbing up a stony path. The site is entered through an arch. Torches are alight just outside the entrance. The shrine's raised platform offers good views to the south west and the Summer Palace as well as the sea to the north.

Running through the rock underneath the shrine is a tunnel. This can be accessed near ground level from the east, with an exit a few metres above ground level to the west, just opposite the entrance to The WiLD Druid's Cauldron. The area around the base of the outcrop is surrounded by vegetation typical of the type you will find elsewhere in Arcadia.

Building and architecture


The shrine is built of sculpted stone and forms a tower, divided into three sections. At the base is a set of steps leading up to the shrine's entrance. It is currently in a state of neglect, with vines winding their way up and around the shrine.