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The WiLD School named Cassiopeia, is a private School, where WiLD Vulcanite and the Guardians of the WiLD teach 'Magick' to a small number of hand-selected mortals.

100 square meters of magickly protected grounds and history, located in the North-East of Arcadia directly by the coast.

On the Grounds

  • The Ancestors Cave

Already visible from the main Road is "the Ancestors Cave", guarded by three statues of Phearei to symbolise the deep connection to the Druid's roots. The soil on these lands is drenched in magick and blessed by those who walk on it daily, resulting in abundant growth of some of Arcadias finest herbs, fruits an vegetables. Inside the cave, is a straw-puppet-circle, surrounded by vibrant foods - representing the rituals hold here to give gratitude for the foods of the gods. Caution is highly recommended when one is tempted by the Sorceresses delicacies, as those mortals who dared to help themselves, without asking permission, found themselves confused & lost, wandering the lands for days until encountering Wryon the wanderer, who then would lead them to the WiLD Druid's Cauldron, where further lessons awaited their souls.

  • The ancient Wind Spiral

is located right behind the Ancestors Cave. The only access is via the Witches Cave, past her underground abode, underneath the South-East entrance of Cassiopeia. The Spirals purpose is to connect with the wind - element, which is strong by the sea, causing large wind-hoses to emerge above the School, whenever the power is harnessed for sacred rituals.

This is the main place for rituals at Cassiopeia. To the Sorceresses of the WiLD, the three "petals" of the trinity represent the natural elements of earth, air, and water. On a spiritual level, it has been thought to symbolise life, death, and rebirth. Amongst the Coven, the holy trinity is also used to connect with the Goddesses Artemis, Athena and Aphrodite, strong female forces, when combined they have got the power to awaken any slumbering feminine energies, supporting the most important thing in the Verse; Balance.

  • Observatory Plateau

In the center of Cassiopeia, you will find a wooden plateau. Forged with the wood of sacred oak trees, whos strong spirit continuously supports the connections to the heavens and the earth. Helping to open up the minds of everyone who steps on its planks, this is the dominant teaching space for the Students of Life and also the meeting - ground for some magickal days of "open doors", which are held multiple times a year and often lead to a flood of applications.

  • The Northern Gardens

Shine with clear views towards the shores of Arcadias sea. A bonfire setup by the stream holds space for mystic evenings by the fire, filled with tales and songs as old as time. A small stream of sacred water, connected to the Holy Trinity Springs, flows alongside the fire-site and aids in balancing out the wild fire energy.

  • The East & South-East of Cassiopeia

hold space for a storage cave, whos entrance is connected to WiLD Vulcanite's residential cave-abode and is also the direct access to the Wind Spiral.


Applications are taken all year around, but the waiting list is long and Students may wait years to finally get one of the, most sought after, educational seats in the Verse.

Most of the new Students, about 77%, fail the final exams of the first year. This incredibly selective process is divinely supported and has been in practice ever since the Coven begun sharing their secrets. "Green Magick flows when fully surrendering your Ego to the spirits, knowing that we all come from the same powerful source and therefore have got access to that very power of creation ourselves,... that's why only very few make it!" - is what you will hear the WiLD Witch repeat like a mantra.

Essence of Study

Those few who pass the tests, usually remain for many years.

Unconditioning their Mind and Soul from the believes of most mortals, is a lengthy and rocky path, but one that is crucial for succeeding in opening the ancient pathways, within each and everyone of the Students of Life. This does not come easy or without sacrifice, as some may never return to their families after they finish with their Diploma... having realised that learning never ends, when one is on a path of becoming one with the Magick that is all around us, being a Student of Life becomes the identity more often than not.

Herbal-Medicine Study - Applications

For those who are not interested in full-time study, are waiting for their seat or have failed the Students of Life exam, the Coven offers herbal - medicine studies. The start-dates of these are aligned with the seasonal turning points and mortals are advised to bring along their Vulcanites, to help them forage and study the sacred art of medicine - making together.

Please pay WiLD Vulcanite a visit, if you want to start these teachings. She will reveal the dates to each individual, after personal interaction.

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