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Berserk is a collectible card game forged by Vulcan for the humans who inhabit his realm. The game was initially created as a way to settle disputes among neighbours. But has since grown to become both a friendly way to pass the time, as well as a competitive event for fame and fortune. With players travelling from far and wide to take part in mighty leagues within the walls of Vulcan City. Hoping to claim one of the top spots in the rankings, and forever forge their names in the history books. The cards of Berserk contain a small amount of Vulcan’s essence, and can be used to summon both powerful creatures and god like abilities to affect the tides of war. The game board itself is a microcosm of VulcanVerse. With aesthetics representing elements from the four quadrants of the land. Decks are pre-constructed before battle, and players must use their strategic experience (and a little luck from the fates), to best their opponent over a series of turns.


On the 29th of Apr 1 AV (Anno Vulcani) Vulcan announced a new card game to be released to the world of man, showcasing his creations. Allowing them to experience wielding his power on a much smaller scale. Via a series of trials of both skill and luck, Vulcan handed to his most loyal followers pre-forged packs of cards from an initial pool of 60 of his first creations. Forever forged onto the human technology of the blockchain in the early months of 3 AV. Vulcan imbued these cards with the power to imitate his ability to create, if only within the microcosm of the Berserk game board. As the cards spread throughout the land and the stories of Berserk grew, those most skilled and most driven began to craft their own decks, seeking out the rarest and most powerful cards from other players. An economy sprung up among the humans of the land. Buying, selling, swapping, collecting, wagering. Winning. Constantly honing their strategies and growing their libraries to be prepared for any foe.

On the 5th of Oct 5AV Vulcan released the first Berserk expansion pack Wine & Woods. A series of 10 cards, free to all mortals of the realm.

Card Sets

Vulcan periodically forges more and more of his creations into cards. Releasing them to the mortals and allowing them to renew old strategies, or discover new ones. In an ever changing battle of wits with their fellow man

Caption text
Card Set Number of Cards Forge Date
Berserk – Alpha 60 January 3AV
Berserk – Wine & Woods 10 October 5AV

Notable Humans

For his own amusement Vulcan set forth a series of competitive leagues and tournaments, for any human that was willing to take part. He offered up powerful rewards and the promise of their names being forever enshrined in history to those willing to battle in his honour. These leagues draw players from all over the VulcanVerse to compete against each other in Vulcan City. The names of the most powerful, those who conquered the leader board in each season, are noted below:

Caption text
League Winner Season End
Beta Open Tournament Day Devil 22nd Dec 2AV
Launch Day Tournament Mukti 18th Jul 3AV
F2P Tournament 1 Blur 10th Sep 4AV
Season 1 Toby 14th Jan 5AV