Berserk – Wine & Woods

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Berserk - Wine & Woods

Vulcan's first Expansion set released to the humans consisted of 10 creatures and spells. Available free to all mortals, they added some early game variety and new mechanics.
The beating of the Dryad's heart could be heard at Berserk Taverns throughout the land, as players began to incorporate these new cards into their strategy.

Card Name Type Attack Health Lava Cost Land Rarity Editions Flavour Text Ability
Hardwood Club Spell 0 0 1 Neutral Common Deal 2 damage to target enemy card
Pomegranate Wine Creature 4 3 5 Neutral Rare Taunt
Laughter of the Gods Creature 2 3 6 Neutral Rare Summon - Add Priest of Momos to the board
Hyperenor of the Spartoi Creature 1 1 1 Neutral Common Undead
Dung of the Harpy Spell 0 0 3 Neutral Common Hex - Reduce target card's health by half
Dryad's Heart Creature 5 3 6 Neutral Mythic Fortified - Increase health by 1 each turn
Golden Lyre Creature 4 5 8 Neutral Epic Silence target enemy card
Iaso's Balm Creature 3 4 4 Neutral Mythic Heal - Restore 1HP to your Hero
Statuette of Ares Creature 3 3 3 Neutral Rare Add a Warrior of Ares to your hand
Golden Wine of Dionysus Creature 2 4 3 Neutral Common Confused