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Name Alpha of the Deep Forest
Image AlphaVV.jpg
Order Carnivora
Population 200
Homeland Gardens of Arcadia

Alpha is known as the mightiest pack leader amongst the wolves that roam the Deep Forest of the Gardens of Arcadia. Alpha is known to hunt and eat satyrs, dryads, centaurs and men.


The Deep Forest is ruthlessly ruled over by King Lycaon, king amongst wolves. His sons command the Dread Pack leaders of which Alpha is one.

King Lycaon and his sons were known as being overly proud and impious. Zeus wanted to see at first hand if this was true. To test King Lycaon and his sons, Zeus visited Arcadia in the disguise of a peasant. As Zeus wandered through the kingdom, inevitably signs of his divinity started to show, and the populace started to worship the stranger. King Lycaon, also noticed the presence of Zeus and cunning as he was, decided to test how omniscient Zeus really was. And so the king and his sons arranged for a banquet, to which Zeus was invited. A small child was sacrificed and served up as a meal for Zeus. Zeus immediately saw through the ruse and realized what was served. He furiously overturned the serving table, and he had his vengeance upon King Lycaon and his sons. If he was to act as an animal, he was to become one. As punishment, the enraged Zeus turned King Lycaon and his sons into wolves. Since that day the King and his sons roam about the Arcadian lands and wreak havoc upon its populace.

The Day of Alpha's Mourning

In the early Days of Vulcan, only few of his Vulcanites roamed the land. The balance was out of order. Alphas ravaged the plains of Arcadia, and krept through the forests decimating Soter after Soter, and keeping Velosina's eyes always on the shadows, as her flutes had gone silent. Always lurking, and with veracious appetites, the balance of the world was quickly falling off tilt. Boreas was the first to feel the both the power and cunning strategy of an Alpha's strikes, as a pack of 4 swiftly tore down a Thunder elephant who had wandered too close to the Arcadian Forest Highway. Soon, scorpion were being eaten tail first in the desert.

Vulcan struck down an edict to all inhabitants. Alpha's intrusion on the balance of the world enraged him. Bellow from the sky. "Cull the alpha's". Heard wide and far, noble inhabitants of the land, thankful for all existence created by Vulcan, obeyed, and payed tribute too there founder, by destroying all alphas until they were in balance, and of the same number, as the other Vulcanites.

The Day the Alphas Wept

The Day of Alpha's Mourning caused all Alphas to retreat into the dark forests of Arcadia. As they hid, a few scouts would report new beasts roam just beyond the edge of the land. Mighty giant powerful cats, a God Cow that walked as a man, and a new pack of wolves, that reminded them of there dead brethren. The Alpha pack realized where their home was vowed to not stray the land. Alphas were content feasting on plentiful roaming Soters, as well as the remains Chiron and Velosina would gladly toss to the side among the campfires. Mortal inhabitants realized how helpful Alphas were as a fellow hunter, guard, and companion. Soon, every mortal in arcadia had an Alpha and was producing their own pack. As Alphas once again began to grow in numbers, soon, Soters went from being overpopulated to rare, and alpha packs were fighting Alpha packs for precious territory and food. Once united, now waring forces across the land. Alpha's, though not of there own volition, had once again grown to dominate the forests.

Vulcan, again, was displeased by this imbalance.

He ordered all packs of Alphas, and their owners, to rise to the top of the Druid shrine, on a specific day, at a specific time. From across Arcadia, all packs, all wolves, met at the summit, for what was thought to be either a peace deal, or an epic battle...

As they waited, blood started dripping from the sky that smelled toxic and burnt through the hair of those it landed on. A loud screeching was like a warning of death, coming down from the sky. All looked up, praying the blood would not fall in their eye... and saw faint black dots, descending from the center of the bright glowing sun. And before anyone could whisper an idea of what's happening, 50 Giant Numatox had descended on the land, at the foot of the Druid Shrines, a gift directly birthed from Vulcan's will. The second they landed, their nauseating fumed breath spreading across the plateau, paralyzing alpha's best sense. The screeching blocked all alpha's hearing, and the Numatox speed, voided Alpha's quickest dashing. Many alpha's were consumed in the ensuing 5 minute's. Survivors fled for the forest, but not before Numatox's had their fill. As they rested from their first meal, local inhabitants who had lost their wolf pack, adopted the sleeping Numatox, and instantly replaced their pack with an equally powerful foe.

The Day the Alphas Wept struck such fear into the roaming wolves, they vowed never to grow out of balance again... fearing the sound of a devil chicken raining blood in its descent from the sun.

Now, every full moon, the remaining Alphas meet at the plateau of the Druid Shrine, howling to the bright blue moon, sending a haunting prayer for it to return, what the sun took away.