Al 'Actar

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Al 'Actar
Name Al'Actar
Building type
Architectural style
Location Shores of the Underworld of Hades
Owner Unknown
Floor count
Function Unknown
Date of construction

Al 'Actar is one of two ships, known to locals as 'ghost ships' stranded ashore the coastlines of VulcanVerse.

Rumours amongst the human population of VulcanVerse say that Al 'Actar holds a treasure "as large as your imagination, filled to the brim with rare gems and Hades fire".

But not only riches make a mortal's existence meaningful... holders of the key could immortalize in a way never seen before



Both ships are said to have been planted off the southern shore of the Underworld of Hades by the God, Hades, himself, to steal the souls of any mortal who wished to enter Hades through it's dark and lifeless veins and to gather their treasures.


Although many have been fooled by Al 'Actar's broken appearance, these 'ships of the dead' are said to still be very much alive. Their appearance alone shows that they are continuously worked on.


The creation of Al 'Actar and it's counterpart was felt throughout VulcanVerse and has left mortals living in fear. As the earth trembled, strange beacons rose up from the ground in each of the four quadrants.

These beacons appear to hold tremendous powers when touched, and are said to even hold the power to 'immortalize' if this is what the person touching them desires.